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Veggie Sheet Cutter Magic

Kitchen Aid does it again! Introducing the Vegetable Sheet Cutter.

I am a Kitchen Aid junkie. I have almost every attachment they have come out with since I received a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer as a gift almost 11 years ago. (best gift EVER!). I mean it. I have the Ice Cream Maker, the Sausage Stuffer, the Spiralizer, the Grinder, the Shredder, the Slicer/Dicer and Pasta Making attachments (including the Drying Rack, which is clutch!)… just to name a few! Which means my family always knows exactly what they can get me for a gift, which can be a little on the expensive side, but that just means one gift from the whole gang!

Anyway, back to the Veggie Cutter… Greg and I decided that in lieu of any other gifts for each other, we would buy this together because we were both obsessed. We got it a few months after the holidays, but the fact that we just busted it out is inexcusable! This thing is amazing! We are both huge fans of fresh rolls with shrimp, crab stick, iceberg lettuce, rice noodles, mint + basil, topped with Greg’s amazing homemade peanut sauce. We thought what better meal to test out on our new toy? We planned to use cucumber sheets in place of the rice paper wraps for our first attempt using the Sheet Cutter.

I went to get the attachment out and upon opening the box, I was beyond impressed at the packaging meant to keep the unit secure (also, the package helps to keep all the parts present and accounted for after each use.) However, I did think this attachment looked a little more intimidating than some of my other ones with all the parts and options. I guess that’s to be expected as they improve on design and create new functions! I read the quick start manual and felt a little more comfortable. That being said, it did take a few tries to get everything in the correct place with the proper size cucumber on the spit. We turned on the Kitchen Aid and there it went! Took absolutely no time to get through the cucumber. We successfully made the fresh roll wraps, but we both agreed that if there was too much of the dark green skin, it was a little too much to chew through. To be honest, they were hard to hold together and were kind of a mess as well! I think maybe we should cut in half before making to help make eating a bit more manageable. Greg’s suggestion was to use the rice paper wraps outside the cucumber sheet to hold everything together. I am not going to say that we aren’t betting on whose idea will work, but I am looking forward to our next fresh roll night!

We have a bunch of other recipes that we would like to try in mind. Greg thinks that different salads (egg, chicken, etc.) wrapped up in cucumber with fresh dill and other herbs would be amazing and easy. I am obsessed with the idea of a Sweet Potato Moussaka using the Sheet Cutter. Unfortunately, anything involving the oven will have to wait until the fall and our house is less of a sweat lodge… so I guess fresh rolls all around until then… not that I am complaining!