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jackie miller : : graphic design + whatnot

Co-worker Hallway Communication

Administration office

Wall graphic featuring different catalog covers from different countries with the current catalog featured on the large cleated board. The text on the black bar is a running list of the countries in which IKEA has opened a store or has a production facility. Design, production and installation were all completed by my 2 person team before a video shoot on best practices for peak sales intended for international use and training.

Co-worker of the Month program

This wall is dedicated to honoring the Co-workers + Managers of the Month. The honorees are picked based on an IKEA value that they demonstrated the workplace during the past month.

Movement wall

Six Co-worker Focus Groups were created to improve cooperation between functions within the store. The wall was designed so that the groups could update the store on their ideas + progress through the templates provided as well as give the co-worker population an opportunity to provide real time input + feedback to the groups on the chalkboards.