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Presentation design

In between quarterly production runs, I supported the department’s needs for PowerPoint presentations used for both internal and external use cases. I had to perform updates to a plethora of org charts, process slides, materiality maps, case studies, and sales territories. Often times, other members of the marketing department would put together presentations using corporate templates and I would be the quality control ensuring that the presentation template was intact, the charts were updated correctly, the corporate fonts were used and everything else was aligned to Putnam’s corporate branding guidelines. There were also a lot of print assets that had to be converted for use in PowerPoint while remaining editable for future uses. I was also responsible for maintaining the complete library of the firm’s Due Diligence materials for both the retail and institutional sides of the business, as well as for their subsidiary of 37 Capital in the Seismic tenant. I generated various presentations on an as-needed basis using the tenant for the meetings. Once all the individual shows were approved, I would link all of them together with new title slides for a seamless presentation in the meeting. I also supported presentation needs for quarterly sales meetings, annual sales meetings, financial educational seminars, Diversity and Inclusion initiative, Awards ceremonies and Marketing business plans when needed.