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PJ Ryan’s menu

After many, many times going to PJ’s and struggling to read the all-caps script on their menu, I volunteered to redesign it for them. The trick is that they really needed it to be editable by their staff as their menu changes quite frequently in their small kitchen. I laid it out in InDesign in the initial stage to make all layout decisions, but had to convert the final design into a Word template for their daily use. I was very surprised that Word has style sheet functionality, similar to InDesign. I was able to build the template using styles and then was able to teach some of the staff how to apply them when they made changes to keep the original design intact. Win/win! I also provided templates that they could use with their daily specials, which were typically handwritten. It was a fun pet project and I learned a lot more about Word’s capabilities, not that I would switch to Word any time soon.