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New year, new closet part 2

Wow, closet posts are becoming a tradition… if twice is a tradition…

After 12 long years of wearing a uniform, I have discovered that I don’t have a usable wardrobe. I have some old work clothes from the before times that I just haven’t donated, a lot of casual lounge wear and then frocks that see the light of day only on the most special of occasions. Doesn’t leave a lot of viable options for that mid-week meeting for coffee. So, in my newly-found freedom from said uniform, I have done a bit of shopping. I won’t bore you with what I bought, but suffice to say I needed to be able to hang more things.

Prior to these new wardrobe additions, I didn’t hang that many items, leaving room for one of those hanging shoe cube things which I did use to free up floor space in the closet. That had to go. Even though it was only 6 inches wide, it took up valuable hanging real estate in my already crowded closet.

Enter IKEA…

and this little gem called LUSTIFIK shoe rack. It doesn’t look like much but for $6, it packs quite a punch for organizing my closet. Grab yours today here!

Since I can’t live without being able to toss clothes right into my pop-up hamper (also IKEA), I needed a place to store shoes other than the floor. I built this little guy and then installed it directly above the ginormous baseboard in my closet (which creates another ‘shelf’ for more storage between the unit and the floor. Its generous shelf space means that I can stack pairs of shoes and easily store everything that previously lived in the hanging shoe thing without it being wider and it fits perfectly without going under my longer clothes. I honestly didn’t think it would make that much of a difference, but it really has. Shoes are easily accessible without being crushed under my hamper and I got 6 more inches of hanging space on the rail for $6… a dollar an inch. That’s a pretty good deal for me! (Don’t judge me for the crocs… they went with the uniform, both unflattering but required for the job!)