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Environmental Graphics – Staff Café

Every few years, the co-worker areas of the store are refreshed with new furnishings, home decor and communication. When an area is redone, the goal is to emphasize Swedish design to reinforce the Swedish identity and heritage of IKEA with the co-worker population. In keeping with this effort, I chose to stylize a Dala horse, a very traditional symbol of Sweden, for the feature wall of the Staff Café. I also chose the birch plywood, a material traditionally used in Swedish furniture design, for the background of the feature wall. Then various translations of the phrase “Bon Apétit” were added from all of the countries that have an IKEA presence, leaving the Swedish “Smaklig Måltid” and English “Enjoy your meal” larger. Design, vinyl production and installation of the Dala Horse were all done in-house by the 2 person graphics team.