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Co-worker tools and forms

For years, all the various departments handled their scheduling in different ways. But once co-workers started getting cross-trained, there was a need to streamline the scheduling across the boards. It was decided that all of the departments would be required to print their schedules and have them in a centralized location for all to access. We created a centralized location for all HR/Payroll related items near the Staff Café / Staff Lounge where a majority of co-workers take their breaks. Using the new communication boards, I created a system that utilized letter holders to hold department binders instead of messy magnets for a neater look.

New communication board with a binder for each department.

Often times, I was also asked to create tools to help co-workers. A lot of the positions in the store don’t require a computer all day, so having a printed schedule with slips available so co-workers could write down their ever-changing schedules caused a huge boost in attendance across the store. Positions in IKEA Food, Logistics, and even Sales might not even have access to a computer, even though they make up a majority of the co-worker population. These scheduling forms were designed for them.

Then I also designed these forms to further help management ensure their departments were always fully staffed especially during peak time.

Most of the co-workers were hourly employees, thus legally required to take and sign off on two 15 minute breaks every day (depending on the length of their shift). I created this sign-off sheet to go with the rest of the HR related forms to make collecting that information easier for managers and HR alike. There was a break sheet created for every department and they were kept in the same binder as the department’s printed schedules for easy access for co-workers to simply initial that they had taken their breaks.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of inventory activities that go on in various departments across the 400,000sf store. One of the largest inventory responsibilities falls onto IKEA Food co-workers and their products are spread in 5 main areas of the store. In an effort to keep a better tally on inventory, I created this form so that the co-workers could record the information in a very clear and consistent way to pass onto their manager (regardless of who performed the task). This streamlined the process from scraps of paper that they had been using previously and provided an organized paper trail should an audit be required.

As IKEA’s HR programs started to go on-line, it was determined that we needed a back-up for when the system goes down, which happens more than you think when running a 24 hour operation like IKEA. So I designed this form for use when it enviably did.