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Administration offices

In order to accommodate the new management structure in the administration office, a copy center island was created to free up much needed room for more desk space. I used an existing icon set found on the website to create a way finding system to help all co-workers quickly find people’s desks in the office area and expanded the icon system to use in the copy center.

I worked with the Interior Design Manager to remodel an existing meeting space to include video presentations as well as other important store information, such as project timelines and store layouts. I created a point of inspiration intended to be updated with the yearly release of the new IKEA style guide. All of the boards were made from birch that were cleated to the wall. Since the content was always being updated, the boards had to be flexible. The printouts for the informational board are held on with binder clips and the inspirational boards used adhesive backed vinyl for easy change-out.


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